The Ertha Metaverse: The World’s First Learn-to-Earn GameFi Project

Ertha is the first to embark on the learn-to-earn GameFi revolution, and may represent the primary driver in the future evolution for how we deliver school across the world.

The vast majority of experienced investors are highly aware of the #1 trending sector within cryptocurrency; Namely, GameFi. GameFi, through various intricate processes, creates an ecosystem where the economics stay profitable over time. As a result, a portion of these net profits are re-distributed to each player based off of their time in-game completing tasks, otherwise known as play-to-earn.

This technological innovation has been revolutionary and, consequently, we have seen massive fundamental news over the last 6 months indicating that the conventional gaming industry is preparing to onboard GameFi into their metaverses. One of the most exciting news of which included Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to change his company’s name from Facebook to Meta, and explicitly saying that his team is actively working on integrating cryptocurrency within their metaverse.

However, as with any technological feat, there will always be derivatives that will fill niches to problems we currently have throughout the world. One of which is the progressive failing of school in educating students, both from a construct validity perspective but also from a purely economical standpoint. The reality is that schooling is becoming a ‘rich man’s game’ in many parts of the world, and the schooling of which often lacks in educating their students on pragmatic or modern-day problems we often face in the world nowadays.

With that said, there is a growing need for technology to fill this widening gap within conventional schooling, and it looks like Blockchain, and specifically GameFi, is the technology most appropriate for restoring faith in the learning process.

This idea of a Blockchain game acting as a medium for players to learn derives from the ingenuity behind the Ertha project, a learn-to-earn MMO metaverse where one must consider all real-life scenarios of running a country to ensure the prosperity of their citizens. The uniqueness behind Ertha revolves around their choice of development, in that all game requirements are highly reflective of what one would actually need to consider if tasked with this problem in modern society.

This includes the consideration of resource supplies for the production of essential goods within one’s country, ensuring a portion of the populace is undergoing scholastic research development so that technological innovations can regularly refine a country’s product development efficiency, and countless more scenarios that will teach you how modern life actually operates effectively.

Now that you have the general overlay of what Ertha represents, let’s get into exactly what this metaverse entails for a new user.

The story of Ertha is largely based around human’s continuous warfare causing destruction to their planet ‘Ertha’. Following this devastation, players will be tasked to inhabit this apparent wasteland in an effort to rebuild society from the ground up.

Upon entering the world, you will be required to choose a Land NFT ‘Hex’ which will represent the space in which your society will call home.

Once your Hex is established, you will soon realize that there are numerous resources that’s required to ensure the prosperity of your citizens.

First, you will need food (let’s use the example of bread), which will require wheat crops to be established, manufacturing facilities to refine those grains and ferment it into fresh bread, and finally you must have distribution outlets such as a grocery store to ensure the final connection between the goods and your country’s people.

However, you quickly realize that the rate of crop growth, manufacturing efficiency, or distribution capacity of your bread is sub-par relative to a neighboring Hex. Your neighbor, knowledgeable of this difference, chooses to sell his bread at a discounted price to your country, thereby siphoning potential profits you could be making to evolve your country.

This presents a problem that requires a pragmatic solution, one of which you have to consider against other potential decisions. Would you:

1. Assess the relative difference in the performance of your bread supply chain, and train up Scholars to create innovative technology to eventually improve this supply chain’s performance.

2. Develop your Fighters’ skills and threaten/go to war against your neighboring Hex.

3. Decide that bread can be provided from another country, and that you will instead concentrate on other goods to be produced and sold within your country.

Which option is best you ask?

The answer is all of them could be, considering the specific context you are in within the metaverse. While the entirety of which you can learn within Ertha is outside of the scope of this introductory article, the above example represents one of many critical choices you will be making within the Ertha world.

A component that makes Ertha particularly interesting for a school teaching medium is the learn-to-earn characteristic of it, in that real-world value can be gained within this game based on the success of a player when undergoing tasks. This means that instead of one’s finances going solely into a fund for tuition that allows a student to take part in a school course, we could live in a society where one’s learning is actually partially subsidized by the same ecosystem that is facilitating these teachings!

With the ever changing environment of much of the world’s economics, Blockchain and GameFi technology can be strategically leveraged to make schooling not only economically accessible, but even economically profitable for students seeking to learn.

Ertha is the first to embark on the learn-to-earn GameFi revolution, and may represent the primary driver in the future evolution for how we deliver school across the world.

To learn more about the underlying technicalities governing Ertha, check out their whitepaper.

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