Metastrike: Leading BlockChain Gaming into the VR World

Metastrike is growing in popularity– Holding the #10 position on CryptoRank for the most visited coins, and maintaining that spot over the last 7 days. It has also reached a highly anticipated milestone of 80k soldiers, continuously growing their community. These impressive statistics are justified once one learns more about the underlying mechanics behind this extremely popular VR-enabled first person shooter blockchain game. If that wasn’t good enough, they have developed it into the metaverse, offering free to play, free to earn, and NFT trading. VR has never been as popular as it is right now. With its ever growing technology, it just makes sense to simultaneously join both the metaverse and NFT world through embarking into Metastrike.

The In’s-and-Out’s of the MetaStrike World

As previously mentioned, it is an NFT metaverse, first person shooter game in the VR gaming platform. You will be able to collect your weapons, upgrade them, and complete missions to earn NFT’s and tokens. You will also have the ability to build your own map, with the objective to fight and steal NFT’s from other players. Not only are there guns, but other NFT game items that can be utilized and collected include a vast array of characters, projectiles, shells, and explosives.

Playing Modes

MetaStrike has some popular playing modes, such as the thrilling Zombie mode, Team mode, Guild mode and House Defense mode. There will also be tournaments that you can participate in.

Zombie Mode: A single player mission base game, where you earn in-game tokens through performance and results.

Team Mode: To gain access one will need to provide an entrance fee, which will be paid using either NFTs or Metastrike’s native token $MTS. The winner will achieve rewards of equal value to the entrance fee.

Guild Mode: You fight players in your own Guild to steal their land. This land can be used to build your own headquarters and houses. Within the buildings you can create your own game and earn money when other players visit.

House Defense Mode: The game will be made up of two teams: one team’s goal is to defend the house, while the other team is to infiltrate their opponent’s base and eliminate all that are inside.

Tournaments: In order to participate, you will need the MetaStrike token, $MTS. Read below to learn how you can earn it and grow your funds.

The Funds

In order to prosper in this game, you need to battle others to earn $MTS. This game is a free to play, play-to-earn, NFT trading game. However, in order to be successful and enter into tournaments to maximize your winnings, you will need to properly leverage the $MTS token. There are NFT boxes that can be earned throughout the game that have weapons of different abilities that can assist you in succeeding within the battlefield. You can also earn mechanisms from players through events, selling items in the marketplace, staking you $MTS, and so much more.

Your $MTS tokens are used to advance maps, participate in game activities, and staking for the chance at winning $MTS, $MTT and NFTs. Additionally, you will require $MTS to enter tournaments, be a part of the DAO Governance and have voting rights, and lastly, purchase Metaverse Land and NFT boxes.

The $MTT token is your in-game token and will be your main play-to-earn reward token. It allows you to unlock new maps, participate in game modes and enter special events, make purchases of regular consumables, upgrade your weapons, and even redeem $MTS. If you make it onto the top ranking board, 10% of the $MTT utilized within the game ecosystem goes directly into a prize pool to reward those high-ranking players.


Bantercap is a strategic partner that is known for investing in projects that change the world, while giving them enough time and support to do just that. This investor is famous for investing in other major projects like Syn City, Cricket Star, and CoinWeb. They stay true to who they invest with, providing the room and time to grow while supporting them along the way.

CGArt is an impressive graphic designing, game development company, showing the great promise of all the MetaStike has to offer. There is high anticipation with this partnership, and the community cannot wait to see the amazing graphics that await in the VR world.

In Conclusion

This intriguing and highly anticipated VR first person metaverse blockchain game is going live shortly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to involve yourself in the future of blockchain-based FPS gaming, and keep your eyes peeled on their social media platforms for opportunities to win rewards leading up to their TGE date.

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