Geopoly: Challenging the Best and Brightest Business-Minded Players

Gamers who consider themselves to be business-savvy will want to take a close look at the dynamics in the gameplay of Geopoly, a play-to-earn built around the principles of capitalism and conquering the world of commerce. In this augmented reality metaverse, players are presented with the opportunity to purchase in-game NFTs that feature revenue-generating commercial businesses with on-chain and off-chain earning potential. It’s a rather novel concept in an NFT gaming sector that is inundated with space-themed games, however, Geopoly is by no means a newcomer to the world of mobile gaming.

A Robust Community

More than just a simple game, Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulator that first got its start as a free-to-play app available for Android and iOS devices. It did not take long for Geopoly to resonate with thousands of gaming fans and has since established itself as a favorite among its users, earning a multitude of five-star ratings. Its transition to the play-to-earn market was a natural progression and the perfect fit for a game that challenges a player’s entrepreneurial abilities. The excitement of the Geopoly community for the upcoming P2E release is quite apparent, and all but ensures this game will hit the ground running at launch.

Become the Ultimate Capitalist Utilizing Geopoly NFTs

If you’re a veteran of NFT gaming, the concept of purchasing metaverse land is not a new concept and you may have already acquired some at this point. However, Geopoly takes a different approach when offering up plots of land. Rather than an empty canvas in which players are required to build upon, Geopoly features city blocks, represented as in-game NFTs, with fully functioning businesses that provide a range of profit-earning benefits to players.

Pre-minted Special and Iconic NFTs allow a player to generate a passive income of $GEO thanks to yield farming benefits while Ownership Certificate NFTs can be minted by players upon request. These too provide players with a chance at earning a passive income by renting the property to an off-chain user.

Rewards for the Taking

Geopoly also infuses the dog-eat-dog nature of the global business world into its metaverse with a PvP mode. This feature will engage players with a Tower Attack gameplay in which users can steal resources from other players by hacking the mainframe on top of their opponent’s branch. Players will have drones, robots, and satellites at their disposal to accomplish this task.

Widow Games: A Team with a Proven Track Record

A game is only as good as the team that develops it, so it comes as no surprise that the credentials of the creators of Geopoly are extensive, to say the least. Widow games was founded in 2013 by Martin Spinetto and Maximiliano Ejberowicz in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company boasts a solid track record and has developed over 15 mobile games that have amassed an impressive 1.5 million monthly subscribers. Two of their previous creations, Banco Imobiliário and Jogo de la Vida, reached the pinnacle of success as they became the first and second best-selling board games in the Brazilian market. And with Geopoly being selected to participate in GOOGLE’s Indie Games Accelerator in 2019 (out of 1700 applicants), it appears that it too will follow the same trajectory.

Martin is a communications specialist that has held top roles in companies such as Phillip Morris, Cencosud, and Microsoft. His passion for innovation and innate creativity led him to the multibillion-dollar video game industry where he wasted no time in making a resounding impact. In 2017, Martin was selected by Forbes magazine as one of Argentina’s top 30 entrepreneurs.

Aligned with Industry Leaders

The team at Widow games has shown that even with the proper fundamentals and an experienced team, forming the right partnerships can further accelerate the success of a project. Their advisory board includes members such as Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, CEO & Co-founder @ IOVLabs, and the Co-founder of Bitcoin Argentina. KOL influencer Kmanu88 is another key advisor for Widow games. His social media following includes over 800K YouTube subscribers and over 150K Twitter followers.

Are You Ready to Take Over the NFTGaming World?

The time has come to channel your inner real estate mogul and immerse yourself in an augmented reality metaverse and conquer the world of business. Geopoly will provide players with a fresh new take on NFTgaming and challenge them to move quickly in accumulating their wealth throughout the metaverse. With the support of an established enthusiastic community and top-tier VCs backing the project, Geopoly is poised to welcome new waves of players and generate profit earning opportunities for the masses.

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