Algorithmic trading in itself is not a new concept, the use of software and bots to run trades at speeds that humans cannot has been around for quite some time now. However, traditionally it has high barriers to entry making it a tool for the elite with high capital backing.

Now though, the team at Mercor Finance are making it possible for anyone to start trading in this automated fashion through their new platform…They are aiming to democratise the algorithmic trading market by creating an open, interactive and self-service platform that bridges AI trading into blockchain.

Not only will you have the ability to access, analyse and use different trading algorithms, but you can take it a BIG step further and develop your own algorithms, host them and earn profits based on the performance of Assets Under Management (AUM) in your algorithms.

The real kicker is that this kind of functionality will play well even in a bear market…

Mercor Finance have bragging rights to say that they are the FIRST project to get a certified IDO on BSCStarter!!! This means they have passed a rigorous vetting process with BSC which gives investors great assurance of project quality and authenticity.

Take a look at the AMA that Ozzy did with Team Mercor, full Q&A below:

Ozzy: Can you tell us more about your core team, their background and experience in the spaces of algorithmic trading and blockchain?

Team Mercor: The core team exists out of 6 members. Of which two come from the Algorithmic trading industry. Our CTO and our Quant expert, who was working at a Tier 1 investment fund before joining the Mercor team.

The whole team was heavily invested in Algorithmic trading and therefore we know all the hassles that come about when trying to invest via algorithms. In terms of entry barriers, costs, datasets and tools.

This is when we decided to create our own platform bringing a solution to all of these problems.

Ozzy: Algorithmic trading, it’s not a new concept, how is Mercor going to stand out from the crowd?

Team Mercor: Correct algorithmic trading is definitely not new, it has just not been easily accessible. We are democratizing algorithmic trading on a decentralized platform. This has never been done before.

Ozzy: So, can you tell us what is in the Mercor toolkit to support both seasoned and new traders into this space?

Team Mercor: For new traders, Mercor offers an intuitive approach to algorithmic trading. Traders are capable of seeing live and historical performances of various advanced algorithms and invest in them within a few clicks.

For seasoned traders, Mercor offers the opportunity to create their own trading algorithm with advanced tools such as exclusive datasets, machine learning packages and back-testing tools.

Ozzy: On the topic of privacy, how does the platform protect teams/individuals from bad actors? For example, hackers looking to exploit algorithm design.

Team Mercor: Good question, all algorithms have limited access to the traders funds. We limit the permission rights of the algorithms to just trade a given token pair in a DEX, such that no withdrawal is possible.

The only address that has withdrawal rights is the user and this right can not be transferred. Furthermore, the token pair that can be traded by the algorithms will always be checked by the Mercor team before deployment. All smart contracts will obviously also be audited by external parties.

Ozzy: Who holds the IP rights for algorithms built in Mercor? In other words can developers move off the platform with the algorithms they build.

Team Mercor: The IP rights of all algorithms are in the hands of the developers who made them. The developers have the right to move algorithms off the platform whenever they see fit. The amount of trading fees which are claimed by an algorithm is also set by the developers as we believe that this is the developer’s right. This freedom for the developers creates a free market in which the best performing algorithms can claim higher fees.

Ozzy: Data Storage and Computational power will be critical enabling factors for success, how scalable is the Mercor platform?

Team Mercor: Data storage and computational power will be provided in a limited capacity for free. All developers can purchase additional Data storage and computational power with MRCR tokens. Furthermore, the algorithms run on modular containers which are designed to be scalable and easily maintainable.

Ozzy: I imagine that algorithms are living entities, always evolving to the external trading environment, in your experience though how long would it take from concept to live trading when creating an algorithm on Mercor?

Team Mercor: Just as all living things, algorithms can be very diverse. To take your analogy further, if you imagine a simple algorithm based on some technical indicators the equivalent of a unicellular organism, a DQN machine learning algorithm based on different inputs and datasets could be compared to a primate. The amount of time needed to create such an algorithm heavily depends on its complexity. The simple algorithm might be created in a few days by a single developer. The advanced DQN algorithm might require multiple weeks work with a team of developers.

Ozzy: So following launch, what does the roadmap look like for 2021, what can we expect to see?

Team Mercor: Following the launch we will announce a staking functionality on which users can receive an APY on their tokens and get listed to be the first users of the Mercor beta. Before the beta launch we will launch multiple competitions for developers, where the creator of the best performing algorithm will win prizes. The beta of the platform will launch in Q3 of 2021. We will launch the full version of the Mercor platform towards the end of the year.

Ozzy: Who are you partnering with for marketing, or planning to? What work are you doing on raising awareness about Mercor?

Team Mercor: We have a very experienced Dutch marketing partner strongly connected to the Mercor team. Furthermore, GD10 has been an early round investor with Deeban, its managing director as advisor. They have an amazing marketing department which is another key partner of ours. We have a complete marketing strategy in place from IDO till platform launch.

Ozzy: Regarding sustainability, how is Mercor handling transaction fees & inflation and how will it profit from the platform?

Team Mercor: The Mercor Platform has a platform fee. This fee will be used partially for a buyback and burn of MRCR tokens as well as for revenue. Furthermore, the platform will profit from the spread on all transactions.

Ozzy: Please tell us more about the MRCR token utility and governance, how is demand created and what part do users play in governance?

Team Mercor: Our token is the backbone of the platform. In order to gain access to the platform users need to stake MRCR tokens. Depending on the amount staked different tiers including different benefits will be available. Think about allocation sizes per algorithm or the amount of algorithms you can invest in. Furthermore developers are able to receive access to advanced tools / datasets through MRCR tokens as well.

Ozzy: Whilst allowing users to create their own trading algorithms is an exciting feature, it could be a double edge sword for those who use them, is Mercor vetting or checking the viability of algorithms created on the platform?

Team Mercor: All algorithms that will be hosted on our platform will be checked by both an algorithm as well as a manual inspection. This will be done for both the safety of the investor as well as the safety of the platform itself.

So there it is…Mercor Finance looks to be a truly exciting prospect, bringing what once was a form of trading for the elite to the masses, through an intuitive platform packed full of supportive tools and analysis. This is decentralisation at its best.

Best Audience Question Competition !!!

We had many questions from our audience members and the team from Mercor spent a great deal of time answering as many as possible. The winner was chosen very quickly, see below:

Winning Question

From @zi_mal What is the best way to learn how to build a trading algorithm on Mercor and what kind of skills are required?


Team Mercor: Great question, we will have the Mercor Academy up and running when we launch the platform. This academy will guide you through all the steps needed to create and invest in trading algorithms.

The winning question allowed Team Mercor to highlight Mercor Academy which they are particularly excited about, a tool that will provide great support and guidance to new users of the platform but also new users of algorithmic trading.

For more information about Mercor Finance, use the resources below:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Documentation

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