“Cause being a Crypto Bull comes with big perks” — Team Bull Perks

This is the first thing you see when you visit the website for Bull Perks and having spent some time looking into this project and having a great AMA with Eran Elhanani, one of the Co-Founders we are really excited about what the team are doing.

We all know about IDOs and how difficult they can be to participate in for great projects, well think a few steps before that. Many projects run private rounds of investment before reaching the IDO stage and more often than not, these private investment rounds have only been available to those who are well connected in the Cryptosphere and have deep pockets. Doesn’t sound very decentralised…

Eran, along with his partner Constantin Kogan (Bios on the website) and their team are tackling this head on. They have created probably the fairest and easiest way for anyone with interest to invest in highly vetted and top quality projects through the Bull Perks platform, make sure to take advantage of the early bird registration, click here.

The detail is in the full Q&A below from our recent AMA but in summary, by holding the $BLP token you can access one of the investment tiers on the platform, which one depends on how many tokens you hold. However to make things fair for those who haven’t got high amounts of capital the deals available for investment are rotated across tiers, meaning everyone gets a chance to invest in high quality deals. There are other measures in place for time-bound allocations and not repeating the same theme of projects in the same tiers. This truly is a novel way to make investment on great projects available to all.

Read on to see the full Q&A between Ozzy and Eran from Bull Perks.

Ozzy: How long have you been developing Bull Perks for and what gave you the idea to bring a decentralised VC to market?

Eran: We’ve been developing Bullperks for like 4 months. We built it because we saw a need for a more affordable option that will allow the average person access to the same great deals and returns the VC’s have.

The few solutions in the market have become non affordable once their token price pumped and they became more like a private members club.

Ozzy: What has been the biggest challenge to date in developing Bull Perks, how have you overcome it?

Eran: I think the biggest challenge for us was and is building a strong community of real users.

Anyone can open a group and add bots and make it look like they have 50–60K followers. But out of those very few are real. We actually have a bot defender in our groups so all followers are real followers.

We have hired 2 marketing companies, doing many campaigns and competitions to raise awareness of our projects, on boarded many influencers and so

We also have PR and releasing articles constantly and videos

Ozzy: You claim you have the fairest approach as a Launchpad, can you explain how you will allow ‘everyone’ to take part in project launches, not just the early investors?

Eran: So there are multiple things we do differently to be more fair and allow more people to participate in deals.

First, we have an adaptive tier system, so we keep an eye on price increase of tokens and if it went up much then we reduce the requirements of the amount of tokens you need to hold and if needed open new tiers. Gives new holders and option to get in and let current holders move up the tiers.

Second, we have a time lock mechanism so that if you participated in a deal then you are restricted from participating immediately in another deal. So more holders get allocations.

And more…

Ozzy: How do you decide where projects sit in the different tiers for investment?

Eran: We currently have a 4 deal rotation. So basically each 1 of the 4 deals have a separate allocation to the different tiers. Some deal cater the titanium level more, other the gold or silver. We will try to make the deals in the rotation fair so each tier gets different types of deals so not same type of deals constantly. Meaning if we had already a Game deal for that tier then we won’t bring them another until all tiers had Game deals.

Ozzy: Sounds like a good approach, making it fair and not needing to be in the highest tier to get the best deals

Eran: Correct

Ozzy: Many projects have several investment rounds, which rounds will you be bringing to Bull Perks, will this vary by tier members?

Eran: We’re being very picky with the deals we’re bringing and always try to get our community the earliest round as possible. That being said it’s not always the easiest so we make sure whatever stage we go in there is still a big upside and we don’t get dumped on.

And no, same deals and stage to all tiers

Ozzy: For an investor starting out, what guidance and support do you offer? How would I know which projects are good to invest in?

Eran: Analyse the deal, don’t just listen to influencers and hype.
Check the team, the advisory, the token metrics, the token usage, where are they in the roadmap — is it just an idea or have they been building and have a product? In the end of the day usage is everything. No project can maintain hype without a real product.

Also, check market caps and initial circulating supply and vesting schedules (both for early investors, team and advisors) and compare to their competition in the market

Ozzy: Can you tell us more about the NFT store and Game planned for later this year?

Eran: Well, we don’t live in a bubble and realize there is a big trend with NFT’s. So we will be implementing NFT’s too in our platform. It’s still a little far since we want to focus on being real multi chain launchpad and not just one of those who say they are and then you look at their roadmap and see they barely have ERC or BSC.

Ozzy: Apart from different projects available for investment, are there other perks of being in a higher tier vs lower tier?

Eran: So we have Bronze tier which only have access to the launchpad, Silver, Gold and Titanium have access to the Decentralized VC too. Based on the amount you hold your tier is determined and while we’re trying to be as fair as possible then the higher the tier the better allocation ratio they have

Ozzy: So…what is in it for me as project owner, why should I choose Bull Perks to launch on?

Eran: Good question, so most projects owners and MM know that price correlates to amount of holders you have. On one hand you want to limit ticket sizes to VC’s so you’re not in their mercy if they decide to dump and crush your project and come out of the gate with as many holders you can and on the other most projects really want as many actual users and holders to share the wealth and their success.
So our decentralized VC option and launchpad gives them exactly that.

It also gives you more exposure, marketing and word of mouth when you on board as many as possible

Ozzy: With a capped number of BLP tokens how will you keep the platform sustainable and attract new investors without risking token price dilution?

Eran: So for every project and market there will be buyers and sellers. We did cap tickets sizes and we did put no dumping clauses in investors SAFT to protect the community and the project but there will still always be sellers. We also have buy back mechanisms in case of bad market condition or dumpers. And we have hired 2 market makers (MM’s) both for the Decentralized Exchanges and for Centralized ones.

And the vesting schedules are pretty long for everyone — investors, team and advisors

Eran: How do you mitigate the risk of presale availability if tiers become too saturated? In other words, too many investors in a tier meaning very little allocation to projects.

Ozzy: Yes, so as I mentioned we will monitor the token price and the amount of holders per tier and unlike any other platform we will be adaptive and adjust tiers or add tiers as well as have the locking mechanism so not same people get in all the deals

So that covers all the Q&A that Ozzy did in this AMA. We are sure you will agree that Bull Perks, whilst a young project shows a huge amount of promise. As seasoned or newbie investors you will benefit from their expertise and influence in the crypto community, however that doesn’t mean you should not do your own research. But as Eran says, they also have skin in the game…

We had many questions submitted for this event and Eran answered several of them before time ran out :(

There can only be one winner however for best question, see below:

Winning Question:

From @nahi120 At the moment there are many scam projects in the market that make people afraid to invest, I want to long term investment in this Project , but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is safe for investment and PROFITABLE?

Eran’s Answer:

I can’t assure you this will be profitable and you should be careful from anyone making that promise. Those are usually the scams.
What I can say is do your own DD and see who is the team, advisory and backers and ask yourself if these folks seem legit and would risk the reputation they built over many years. See if they seem like a team that has the experience to execute long term and not some 20 year old kid with a nice idea, nice graphics and website and some hype but after that goes has no prior business experience and is no idea how to build a company long term

To learn more about Bull Perks and keep up to date with developments, use the resources below:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Facebook | LinkedIn

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