Gamesta — The A.I. Powered Guild Attracting Gamers to the Metaverse

Play 2 Earn has become an ever growing component in the digital games metaverse, but NFTs carry a hefty fee attached to them that alienate those who are not fortunate enough to afford the ever increasing price. That is what Gamesta is assisting with, while increasing the number of gamers now being able to participate within the Play 2 Earn metaverse. Providing the opportunity and ability for more gamers to participate within the Play 2 Earn metaverse will help grow the ecosystem as a whole, while the players and investors alike reap the benefits.

Growing Rewards

Gamesta is providing the ability for underprivileged gamers to have access to the high value NFTs within the metaverse. But how does that profit benefit investors? Within the metaverse, one NFT can be sold or traded to increase the coin value of that player, allowing the gamer to be able to afford more and purchase more, excelling in the game. Gamesta, giving the gamer that start, allows the gamer to make a profit of 50% once NFT’s are sold, while the remaining 50% returns to the ecosystem. As the players develop, the return for the player and ecosystem increases. Players that excel will be rewarded with $GSG.

What Benefits come from being a part of the DOA

Key Decisions will be made by the DOA once the company reaches their financial goal of $8,000,000 USD, allowing members to evolve and grow Gamesta. Decisions being allocated to the DOA are as followed:

  1. Technology
  2. Which games the Guild may play
  3. Distribution of rewards in tokens
  4. Governance of certain aspects of the guild

Until this time arrives, Gamesta will release weekly reports that will be distributed throughout the blockchain.

Money Distribution and the Use for It Evolving

The ecosystem of Gamesta is run by the treasury. This treasury is a transparent funds system revealing all fees collected by players and the payment of the allocated winnings. The token used is called $GSG. Once these sales are completed, Gamesta uses the remaining capital to purchase in-game assets developing the ecosystem as a whole.

Benefits of being a VIP

You will have token ownership and stakes of $GSG, but you will also be able to purchase high value, limited edition NFT’s. The high value attached to the ownership of these NFT’s are as followed:

  • Increased voting weight in the DOA
  • Inside information on upcoming sales and events
  • Raise in staking rewards
  • Access to beta test games
  • Access to VIP real world events of Gamesta
  • Access to early stage private round allocation
  • Early access to Gamesta Metaverse gallery

The Science

Gamesta is developing an A.I. & Machine Learning based algorithm to assist in the asset acquisition decisions to increase efficiency of the treasury 2–3x and reduce the risk of human error significantly. This system will recognize and reward the best players, in turn rewarding the treasury.


After VMG (a consumer Acquisition Corp unit) had a successful partnership with DOPEWARZ and GAMESTATION, Gamestation and Gamesta decided to partner to allow for even greater development.

The Gamesta Team

An ever evolving company such as this requires a team that can meet the expectations that are required, and that is exactly what Gamesta has in place. Starting with the the CEO, Spencer Tarring, with 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and the founder of not only Gamesta but also DopeWarz, providing him with a wealth of knowledge, not only in startups but crypto as well. Then adding Sanjay Jadhav, CTO of Gamesta, who also carries 20+ years of expertise in building scalable disruptive products $MMM narrowing in on the blockchain, AI, AR and Big Data. He is also a crypto trader/investor himself. The COO, Jody Taylor offers strengths in strategic planning, creating an environment that develops working solutions in all aspects, offering up his experience in change management and custom operational architectures. The A.I. that is currently being developed and led by Aleksandar Lancar is a machine learning engineer that is passionate about what he does, creating a key aspect of Gamesta. Working upwards towards this position, starting as a software engineer and then in the data science field within deep learning and AI, he offers an exceptional skill base.

Are you ready to expand the Play 2 Earn Metaverse?

The time has come to have more skilled players becoming immersed into the Play 2 Earn metaverse regardless of their financial status. Gamesta is providing this opportunity, not only for gamers, but for investors to profit in the benefits of creating a means to develop and expand this ever growing metaverse. With the already growing community, having the support from VCs and backing of the company, Gamesta has the potential to exponentially increase their player onboarding within the metaverse, creating wealth for all involved.

Partners and Investors

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