Can Cryowar Initiate the Migration of Conventional Gamers into the Blockchain?

Cryowar is by all means a completely unique type of Blockchain game, one that seeks to break down the borders between conventional and blockchain gaming. This metaverse seeks to provide the pivotal force for onboarding the 3.24 billion gamers across the world into Blockchain gaming, and consequently, initiate the true evolution of gaming for the future.

What to Expect

We will be exploring what makes a Blockchain game an inherently profitable venture for their players, and why the metaverse is on track to replace conventional gaming. With that said, we are also going to concentrate on the limitations Blockchain gaming currently has in regards to promoting the mass onboarding of gamers into the GameFi space, and what is required to change this. Finally, we will exemplify the meeting of these requirements through analyzing the Cryowar metaverse, and how they have created the world’s first game that simultaneously provides a AAA gaming experience while maintaining the DeFi, NFT, and play-to-earn mechanics that’s revolutionary to a Blockchain metaverse.

How is Play-to-Earn Actually Feasible?

Let’s be pragmatic about how one can actually make money simply by playing a video game that runs on a blockchain. To do so, we must comprehend how the ecosystem itself can actually stay afloat distributing these rewards to their players.

First, these in-game NFT assets are required to be purchased initially, thereby initiating finances into the ecosystem once investors gain interest into the project. While the base game is freely playable, the NFTs often act as accelerators for play-to-earn rewards in-game, and therefore act as an incentivization for investors who wish to maximally extract real-world earnings from playing within the metaverse.

Second, the actual playing and leveling up of one’s character acts as a staking function within the blockchain, meaning the seamlessly non-productive act of gaming within the metaverse actually has a highly functional purpose that decreases the overall cost of maintenance for the blockchain itself. These decreased maintenance costs are therefore re-allocated to enhance the rewards to each player in-game.

Third, by selling your NFTs within their marketplace, a portion of trading fees is re-distributed to various vaults that have smart contract functionalities to reward players for their tasks in-game.

Fourth, upon the success of an ecosystem’s token generation event (TGE), along with the money the project and seed investors have already contributed, the initial monetary start-up can be leveraged within extraneous DeFi ecosystems to make a profit for the metaverse. The saying of “money begets money” holds especially true when an intelligently sequenced set of algorithms governs the financial prosperity of a Blockchain gaming economy.

So, you have just learned the primary ways at which a metaverse can feasibly reward their players for their time in-game, and how the ecosystem itself not only stays afloat but can profit alongside their players as well.

Now, let’s delve into why current Blockchain games are not necessarily promoting the mass onboarding of conventional gamers into the space, at least not to the degree at which they could.

What is Limiting Conventional Gamers into the Blockchain Space?

While the idea of play-to-earn for one’s time in-game is inherently a revolutionary concept, it is not without its faults. As you can imagine, stake-matching the numerous actions players can undergo in-game, alongside NFT pairing each in-game asset, can be an extremely lengthy and tedious process. To add insult to injury, any significant bugs, particularly when real-world finances is actually being inputted into the ecosystem, can lead to the breaching of the metaverse’s economy itself and ultimately a siphoning of the ecosystem’s finances.

This is why you currently see very simplistically designed blockchain games, as the nature of these types of games reduces the variability of in-game actions. Therefore, this reduced variability eases the time-intensive process of ensuring a secure economy within the metaverse.

Cryowar’s Purpose in the Conventional-to-Blockchain Gaming Migration

Cryowar, however, is different. Known to be the one of the longest Blockchain games in development, they already had a running demo back in 2018.

So why has it been 3 years and there’s still not a fully launched game? Well, it goes back to the idea that the integral connection of blockchain into a metaverse is a timely process, and Cryowar is the only blockchain game that’s far enough in development to soon provide the first AAA play-to-earn game.

This idea of creating a AAA Blockchain game is critical, as experts believe the main limiting factor in conventional gamers (representing 41% of the world’s population) migrating to blockchain gaming is the actual enticement of the gameplay itself. While other games have spent 4–12 months making a proof-of-concept blockchain game that often embodies nothing more than click-to-win gameplay mechanics, Cryowar has gone a different route. They have spent these last 3 years creating the bridge between conventional and blockchain gaming, and to do so, they had to create gameplay that matches the intensity and popularity of conventional Tier 1 gaming.

AAA Blockchain Gaming: The Cryowar Solution

The game itself runs as a MOBA-like that condenses their skill-centered gameplay into 3-minute matches, a timeline that is most appropriate for the increasing time-restrictiveness of daily life. Having both PVE and PVP functionalities released, Cryowar seeks to also capitalize on the Diablo-like adventure gaming that has risen in popularity within the last decade.

There are 2 other critical advancements that Cryowar has made in relation to the majority of other blockchain games in the space.

First, the game itself is created on Unreal Engine 4 and has migratory capabilities to be seamlessly refined once Unreal Engine 5 is ready to be developed within. This means that Cryowar will have the same cinematic and animation quality in-game as one would experience in conventional AAA gaming within 2021 and onwards.

Second, Cryowar currently has the most eSports global interest for their upcoming tournaments, and are actively positioning themselves to become the ‘League of Legends’ of eSports within the Blockchain space.

Cryowar is by all means a completely unique type of Blockchain game, one that seeks to break down the borders between conventional and blockchain gaming. This metaverse seeks to provide the pivotal force for onboarding the 3.24 billion gamers across the world into Blockchain gaming, and consequently, initiate the true evolution of gaming for the future.

To learn more about the underlying technicalities governing Cryowar, check out their whitepaper.

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